“Hi there… I'm Daz Baldwin, from Kent in the UK

For over four years, I have helped online business owners to get focused, stay on track and make a meaningful impact with their business.

One of the biggest factors for success in anything is to do what you are truly passionate about. 

So whilst I have had success and thoroughly enjoy teaching marketing, my one true passion has always been around food and in particular cooking.”

So now let me take you back to where it all began:

Once Upon a Time…

Back in 2007 after working for over 10 years in the energy trading industry for one of the largest global companies, I found myself at a crossroads; either continue on the corporate treadmill or go it alone as a consultant. I took the difficult decision to leave the safety of the corporate world and have never looked back. The freedom rewarded to me was amazing and in the years that followed, I am grateful to have had two lovely children, bought three properties and started my love affair with supercars.

This time was also when I was introduced to the wonderful world of fine dining, having to entertain clients for work this soon spilt into my own social life. I would spend free time, experimenting at home and enjoyed many dinner parties showing of my talent. However in 2014, things dramatically changed. The contracting work stopped due to the effects of a downturn in the economy and for the first time ever, I had no income!

This really got me thinking about my place in the world and what I needed to do to create a better life and future for my family. This is when I entered into the world of personal development and immediately started getting hold of as many books, audios and videos as I could, to learn how to improve many aspects of my life, which would then ultimately lead me to Get Greater Success in my business, whatever direction that would now take.

Tough Times

However as positive as my outlook was, I had no income for the next 11 months. In that time I wasn't able to Provide Financial Support for my kids and had to rely on friends and family to help out when bills came in. It was a dark period of time and I think one that would have pushed most people and their relationship over the edge. The two things that enabled me to Keep Going were the belief that Everything Will Be Ok in the end, which I practiced through affirmations and meditation and the abundance of love and support from my girlfriend.

Just to get by, and slow the downward spiral into debt I was grateful (and still truly am) to be recommended by a great friend for a retail job. The only up side was that I was at home all day and this enabled my passion of cooking to grow. As my partner was working all day it was my pleasure to concoct up some amazing evening meals without blowing our budget. As our budget was pretty limited our way of socialising was to host dinner parties and soon I was on the receiving end of quite a few compliments, which only fuelled the passion further.

Life was now a bit better….but there were still a few problems. For one, I was just able to Make Enough Money to keep from having to go further into debt, with no room for any unexpected bills. I was still having to rely on my girlfriend to be the main income earner – something which was extremely humbling, but that I'll Be Forever Grateful for.

How I Stumbled On A Home Business

Throughout that entire time, without even knowing it, I was using the law of attraction to manifest a better life and as such, one day I was ‘randomly' introduced to a network marketing business opportunity. I was initially sceptical, so did a lot of due diligence research and after understanding the business model and seeing the potential to not only Be Very Successful myself and create a legacy for my family, but also to be able to Help Others do the same, I jumped at the chance and got started. Apparently all I had to do was get someone to watch a quick video and the next a follow up with a three-way call with my sponsor. However, as you probably know, this isn't the reality.

My First 6 Months

I knew the business worked because I was around people who had some success, there was just one BIG problem….ME. I lacked confidence, lacked influence, lacked discipline, the list goes on and on. My lifestyle was poor, my habits were poor…. in no way, shape or form did I think I Am A Business Owner Who Deserves Success (A self realisation that so few home business owners are willing to admit to themselves).

After six months into the business, despite attending a few company events, I had only sponsored 1 person in total, and had made a whopping $98 in commissions. Fortunately this industry is often referred to as ‘Personal Development, disguised as a business' and so I used what techniques I already knew and in good old, one foot in front of the other fashion, I began to Learn and Improve.

Attraction Marketing 

Unfortunately even after 18 months, I was still not able to Get Consistent Results. I was then introduced to the concept of attraction marketing and from that moment, everything changed. Instead of hounding people which I had initially done, I learned to Create Regular Valuable Content that solves a problem for people, and this will actually Attract Customers To Me, rather than the other way around! Then actually connecting with them, as real human beings and being interested in them, rather than seeing them as someone to sell something to. This revelation not only made things a lot easier, but I also felt better about it, as it was finally allowing me to be myself.

Value is Everything

Through working with the business, increasing my results, my continued learning and application of attraction marketing, I began to realise It Is Important To Add Value, to be successful in this (or any) business.. Whether it's in the form of mentoring and helping others succeed or simply to Create Content on blogs etc., by doing this consistently, without the need or expectation for anything in return, I was inadvertently able to Create A Trusted Brand of ‘me'. This led me to take the subject of personal branding by the horns, so I could understand how I could help others achieve the same success using it.

I came to the realisation that when people want to start a home business, the traditional approach is pretty flawed. Often people join a company mainly because of the financial compensation plan, rather than selecting one with products or services that they are actually passionate about. Without this passion, you'll have no staying power when things get tough (which they always do) and when speaking to others about the opportunity or products, you'll not Sound Honest And Congruent.

A far better approach is to establish what you're passionate about and then Establish What Your Audience Specifically Wants FIRST. Then when you offer your product, service or opportunity, they'll be pre-sold.

Then It All Fell Apart!

Everything was amazing and 2017 was turning out to be a fantastic year, including having the honour of Being Recognised On Stage in Austin, TX for my leadership.

However, around October ‘17, the anxiety and depression that I've been dealing with for years, finally took hold and I had a complete breakdown. I cut all ties from the outside world and retreated into my own dark world, often finding it impossible to just get out of bed. My life was in pieces and my business was just left to die. With frequent thoughts of suicide, it was an incredibly tough, dark and frustrating time. I just wasn’t interested in anything, promoting my business or even in cooking, nothing could stimulate me.

During this difficult time, along with medication and CBT therapy, I immersed myself in a huge amount of books and meditation. I learnt so many things about myself, one of which was that by accepting my depression as being part of me, as opposed to something I had to get over. This enabled me to begin to deal with it better and almost think of it as a strength in some way.

The Breakthrough!

During researching the subject and talking to other entrepreneurs, I actually discovered that there are in fact many, many more entrepreneurs out there also dealing with anxiety and depression. The issue is very common in our industry and so I decided to do all I can to help other entrepreneurs in this same situation, to better deal with the condition, so it doesn't mean you can't Have A Successful Business and happy personal life.

It was also the inspiration to create a weekly podcast, to help entrepreneurs dealing with depression and Create A Community Of Support, where we can all help eachother.

What became clear from all my experiences, was that one of the biggest aspects for you failing to Get Results In Your Business, was a lack of consistent actions. Whatever niche your business is in and whatever activity it involves, any lack of consistency will certainly prevent you from being able to Have Success in Your Business.

“I view life as one big adventure. I’m always learning, and finding new things to try and challenges to overcome.”

~Richard Branson

Attitude of Gratitude 

I’m so incredibly grateful for all this industry and the wonderful people I’ve met have done for me. I’ve been able to improve my lifestyle from a having really tough corporate job and no free time, to one that involves having more time with my family, visiting exotic destinations, eating at some of the best restaurants in the world and just generally having a truly blessed lifestyle, all while continuing to help others do the same.

I am now able to do what I’ve always truly wanted to do, be involved in helping others understand and discover the joy of food and cooking. Even more so, I’m doing with my fiancée Finky. Nothing is more fulfilling than doing what you love and following your passion, with the ones you love. 

This is just the beginning though, as I've got big plans for my business and for life in general. I honestly get so much from being an inspiration to those around me, and get an amazing amount of satisfaction when I Can Help You Discover What’s Possible.

Once again, thanks you so much for taking the Time To Show Some Interest and find out more about me. I hope that in some way I have the privilege of sharing something that helps you Get the same passion for food as I have.

It’s really great to meet you, and if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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