Once Upon A Time...

They Laughed When I Said I Would Cook...

But When They Tasted The Food…


Imagine For A Moment...

You Can Cook Any Dish...

Even Without A Recipe!

Just Cooking With What You Already Have...

You Can Create Something Truly Amazing!

Have You Ever Wanted To Cook For Someone?

But Didn't Know How...

Or Didn't Feel You Could?

Maybe You've Been To A Restaurant...

And Had An Amazing Meal...

And Would Love To Be Able To Recreate It At Home

But The Voice Inside You Says...

Not A Chance...

Well Now Is The Time..

When You Can Learn To Cook...

Exactly What You Want To - EASILY!

So You'll Never Have To Say...

Let's chat!

Come on over to my Facebook Page and send me a message. I'd love to see how I can help you get cooking and enjoying some amazing food.

How Would It Feel...

To Have Your Very Own Chef

To Help, Guide and Teach You? 


Imagine For A Moment, Creating A Meal From Scratch...

Without Using A Recipe...

Taking Hardly Any Time...

And It Ends Up Tasting Amazing!

As You Hear The Praise And Compliments From Your Friends And Family!


Finally, You Have The Opportunity To Do This Yourself!

With a Special Offer Available For You TODAY...

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The meal you cooked for us was amazing and one to always be remembered, I loved the different courses and the way it was dished up so professional, all in all an amazing experience.

Simon Green

(United Kingdom)

Daz is a great person and helped me find my feet in overcoming the mental and physical boundaries of starting something new, his experience and knowledge was amazing. He was an inspiration and had the most amazing ideas, advice and motivation. Thanks Daz

Alessio Borini

Retail Specialist (United Kingdom)

I met Daz Baldwin when I worked with him to build my home business a while ago. He was my mentor. To say I was lucky is an understatement. He has a very in-depth knowledge about how to market a home business and encouraged me to build up my business with his help. The research he did was extensive. He also introduced me to others who had already succeeded. He was an invaluable asset to have when I was unsure of myself. He inspires and motivates like no other. Listen to his advice, you won't regret it.

Dr. Nizam Badri

Anaesthetic Doctor (United Kingdom)

His tutorials and emails include a vast amount of detail and show that he has knowledge and experience in the industry. He often uses quotes and stories of other successful people in his tutorials to help/inspire us and give us insight. Also an inspiration in himself as he keeps us motivated and on track. He's a natural born firm leader. He's helped me get started and gave me the confidence to begin. His tutorials and emails have given me a lot of much needed insight and knowledge. A lot of effort has been put it on his part and his guidance has been so valuable.

Aliana Milano

Dancer, Model & Entrepreneur (United Kingdom)

I was invited to Daz’s for dinner to sample his culinary skill. Darren’s passion for cooking was obvious from the moment I arrived. I was presented with a menu, a tasting menu, which was carefully presented and very well thought out. The food itself was very tasty, flavoursome and dare I say, on par with some of Michelin starred restaurants. I was also lucky that in between courses Darren showed me ‘the kitchen’. His passion, enthusiasm and skill in cooking were obvious. I was lucky to experience Daz's fantastic culinary skill. 

Nizam Badri

Anaesthetic Doctor (United Kingdom)

Daz is an awesome mentor, leader, and friend. He cares about his team and will always go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need for success. Daz is always giving value and you know whatever he shares is going to help you take your business to the next level.

Michelle Grigsby

Global Entrepreneur & Social Media Trainer (United States)

Daz provided me with helpful links and tips on setting up a domain/blog. He went out of his way to help me and motivated me along the way, he offered support and gave me the necessary tools needed. I'd like to add that I am a total newbie to this and felt very overwhelmed, fear took over and Daz's constant reassurance really helped me. I am very grateful to him for this.

Daz is passionate about his work and helping others, he is genuine, positive and very inspirational. Daz has a vast knowledge of business building and first class marketing skills and gave me very helpful tips. His Skype call was beneficial and gave me focus on what I want to achieve.

I wanted to write this testimony to convey my deep appreciation for his help. Daz is an admirable individual and I don't hesitate to recommend him!

Fiona Smith

Nutritional Blogger (United Kingdom)

I’ve known Daz for many years in fact grew up together and in many places our careers and interests, while very individual, have had many similarities I was thrilled when we re-engaged after many years, what struck me was his passion to achieve his goal, to create the lifestyle he wants and to make it achievable for others Starting a business can provide you with a more rewarding life, but requires careful planning in order to succeed. He is committed to helping people build their personal brand to grow their home business whilst maintain a healthy work–life balance - success but not at a cost What saw was beyond my expectations in terms of what can be achieved, the knowledge to do it, the support and framework that makes it work and the motivation that’s needed. One of things I appreciate most working with Daz is his commitment and selfless dedication to both his goals and helping others follow in his success.

Peter Wilkinson

Futures Trader and Recovery Mentor (United Kingdom)

Enthusiasm, creativity, support. This describes Daz Baldwin and his approach completely. Daz is an inspiring person to talk with. He motivates and encourages and has broad experience of Network Marketing making him an ideal coach and source of advice.

Jenny Drew

Global Business Owner (United Kingdom)

It's always a great pleasure to work with Daz. He's a real team player and a reliable resource when it comes to support of our team members. Keep up the good work, Daz!

Karla Quaranta

Global Business Mentor (Croatia)

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