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6Have you ever though that there’s more to life? That you should be doing more worthwhile things, having more fun, inspiring more people and making your mark?

Maybe you simply would like to do more than working the plan, spending your life answering to someone else's orders.

Believe me, I’ve been in that position. Back in 2007 after working for over 10 years in the energy trading industry for one of the largest global companies, I found myself at a crossroads; either continue on the corporate treadmill or go it alone as a consultant. I took the difficult decision to leave the safety of the corporate world and have never looked back. The freedom rewarded to me was amazing and in the years that followed, I am grateful to have had two lovely children, bought three properties and started my love affair with supercars.178167_10151179619663101_1942555665_o

However around 2011, things started to change. The industry that I was consulting in had considerably changed due to the effects of a downturn in the economy, which really got me thinking about my place in the world and what I needed to do to create a better life and future for my family.

This is when I entered into the world of personal development and immediately started getting hold of as many books, audios and videos as I could, to learn how to improve many aspects of my life, which would then ultimately lead to greater success in my business, whatever direction that would now take.

Then one day the consulting worked stopped – For the first time ever, I had no income!

No big deal I thought…I was one of the experts in the industry, I had a bit of money in the bank and was extremely employable…
However as positive as my outlook was, I didn't actually start to get any real income for the next 11 months. In that time I wasn't able to provide any financial support for my kids and had to rely on friends and family to help out when bills came in. It was a dark period of time and I think one that would have pushed most people and their relationship over the edge. The two things that kept me constantly going was the belief that everything would be ok in the end, which I practiced through affirmations and meditation and the abundance of love and support from my girlfriend.

shopJust to get by, and slow the downward spiral into debt I was grateful (and still truly am) to be recommended by a great friend for a retail job. Despite being nothing like I'd ever done before, I enjoyed the simplicity of it, and not having a client's problems being “my problems.” I was no longer feeling the stress I used to feel. Even better, I had a relatively flexible schedule and could take paid time off to do fun things with my family, or simply take a few days off in a row to relax.

Life was better….but there were still a few problems. For one, I was just making enough money to keep from having to go further into debt, with no room for any unexpected bills. I was still having to rely on my girlfriend to be the main income earner – something which was extremely humbling, but that I'll be forever grateful for.


How I Stumbled On A Home Business

1912014_10152768853916115_7189054412344769465_oThroughout that entire time, without even knowing it, I was using the law of attraction to manifest a better life and as such, one day I was ‘randomly' introduced to a business opportunity. Since it was concerning an industry I'd never had any experience of I was initially sceptical, so did a lot of due diligence research. But after understanding the business model and seeing the potential to not only be very successful myself and create a legacy for my family, but also be able to help others do the same, I jumped at the chance to get started.

I had been introduced to network marketing

I had never been introduced to network marketing before. All I had to do was watch one video which outlined everything and a follow up call with my to be sponsor. Whilst I had my own ‘traditionally based' business, I had always wanted to own a business that gave me the freedom I had seen others have, to be more of an entrepreneur than a typical business owner. This really didn't seem feasible though with literally no start up capital. When I then understood how the initially low investment would actually allow me to build something successful, I saw how this was going to be my solution. I scraped together the money and got started. Let’s face it…I had already missed out on too much, so I had nothing to lose!


My First 6 Months

I knew the business worked because I was around people who had some success, there was just one BIG problem….ME. I lacked confidence, lacked influence, lacked discipline, the list goes on and on. My lifestyle was poor, my habits were poor….I in no way shape or form was a business owner who deserved success (A self realisation that so few home business owners are willing to come to).
Company EventAfter six months into the business, despite attending a few company events, I had only sponsored 1 rep total, and had made a whopping $98 in commissions. Fortunately this industry is often referred to as ‘Personal Development, disguised as a business' and so I used what techniques I had already know and in good old, one foot in front of the other fashion, I began to learn and improve.


Lifestyle Engineering

Through working with the business, increasing my results and my continued learning, one of the many things I discovered was that to be successful in this (or any) business, it's important to add value. Whether it's in the form of mentoring and helping others succeed or simply creating content on blogs etc., by doing this consistently, without the need or expectation for anything in return, I was inadvertently creating a trusted brand of ‘me'. This led me to take the subject of personal branding by the horns, so I could understand how I could help others achieve the same success using it. A more in-depth look at this can be found here. This understanding has lead me to become very passionate about how we can literally engineer our lifestyles into anything we desire, we just need two things; a plan and then to take action. This is where the term ‘Lifestyle Engineering' has derived from.


My realisation

Through working with my primary network marketing business and utilising lifestyle engineering alongside various marketing strategies, I came to the realisation that when people want to start a home business, the traditional approach is pretty flawed. A far better approach is to establish an audience/market FIRST, ask what they want and then sell THAT to them. This approach can be applied very effectively to network marketing, despite the products already existing.

560302_10150834139202031_1556296104_nI’m so incredibly grateful for all this industry and the wonderful people I’ve met have done for me. I’ve been able to engineer my lifestyle from a having really tough corporate job and no free time, to one that involves having more time with my family, visiting exotic destinations, eating at some of the best restaurants and just generally having a truly blessed lifestyle, all while continuing to help others engineer their perfect lifestyle.

10343502_10152078641682031_6915482415160365138_nThis is just the beginning though, as I've got big plans for my business, for my team, and for life in general. I honestly get so much from being an inspiration to those around me, and get an amazing amount of satisfaction out of helping people discover what’s possible.

Once again, thanks you so much for taking the time to show some interest and find out more about me. I hope that in some way I have the privilege of sharing something that helps you build your business and engineer your lifestyle to allow you to accomplish your dreams.

It’s really great to meet you, and if I can help in any way don’t hesitate to reach out.

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